About Me

Hey there!  My name is Sam, I’m an adult amateur navigating the equestrian world as a first-time horse owner.  There’s a whole story about how I got my mare, Fiona, but it’s a long one.  So if you want to read one of the most heartwarming, tear-jerker stories check out my blog post ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ to find out why she is so special to me.

When I was little I loved horses, anything and everything that had to do with horses.  I was “that horse girl” in school and as it turns out, I still am “that horse girl”.  Despite my love for these animals, I didn’t grow up on the show circuit, I never went through the jods and bows phase, I didn’t even actually start riding lessons until I was 9 or 10.  

Prior to starting lessons, I was the little girl who attended pony camp for 1 week every summer and that was it.  That was my horse fill for an entire year – aside from the occasional trail rides my mom would so graciously take me on when we vacationed.  I lived for every minute I could be around horses and every minute I was in the saddle was permanently etched in my mind.  

After a hefty amount of begging and negotiating with my parents, I started riding in a lesson program.  Not only did I take lessons but I also became a token barn rat.  I didn’t care what barn chores I had to do, if it meant being around the horses you could count me in.  

Fast forward to my college years, this is when riding became more “real” for me. I leased my first horse, I began showing in the hunter/jumper world, I learned even more about horsemanship, I made friends of a lifetime and became a part of the most incredible barn family.

Now, I’m a full-time engineer trying my best to maintain a social life (outside the barn that is), spend time with my family, friends and 2 dogs – Maverkck & Penny – all while navigating the amateur life as a first-time horse owner.

Full discolsure…I’m also an obsessive shopper, I love DIYs and hacks and you’ll never catch me turning down a brewery adventure!

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