Kissing Spine

10 Months Post-Surgery

Fiona is now 10 months post Kissing Spine surgery. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated so here’s a 10 month recap with videos.

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A Saddle Fit For Cinderella

Saddle fit…this seriously overwhelmed me last summer. I touched on this a little in my first Kissing Spine blog post but didn’t go that far in depth on the saddle side. Quick backstory, last summer was Fiona’s first time on a regular training schedule since she put her hind legs through a fence.  Bad behaviors…

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Kissing Spine: The Beginning

On February 17, 2020 Fiona was diagnosed with Kissing Spine. When Fiona officially became my horse I started her on a regular training schedule. Occasionally while under saddle she would start bucking and throwing a fit so I had a saddle fitter come out to see if my saddle was causing any discomfort.  Low and…

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