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Shameless Equestrian custom merch

Are you a Shameless Equestrian? Show it off with our custom merch, available in everything from tees to sweatshirts!


Favorite grooming products, mane-ly long hair

Use SHAMELESS to save 10% on your first order

Grooming doesn’t have to be long and tedious, the products you use can make your job easier. From the Hydrate-24 System to the Polisher, keep your horse shiny and dust free no matter the season. Check out all the ways I use Mane-ly Long Hair products here.

Your horse’s hoof health is absolutely essential. Pure Sole has created a range of nature-inspire, chemical-free products to help promote healthy hooves and fight fungal and bacterial ailments. I use and love all their products but my two favorites are the Hoof Mud and Hoof Cleanse.


Equestrian tack trunk supplies

Say good-bye to those dreaded tack cleaning days! Sterling Essentials makes cleaning tack as easy as spray and wipe. No water, no glycerin. Just all natural, animal friendly ingredients to keep your leather clean, conditioned, and pH balanced for years of use.


Equestrian style apparel

Whether you’re hitting the town or hitting the couch, EquestrianAF keeps your equestrian passion front and center with everything from classy to sassy equine themed apparel. My personal favorite? “Save a horse, ride a dragon”. When you own a mare, it’s only logical right?


Equestrian Tack, American Equus, Oaklyn Tack

I’ve been using American Equus stirrups since they debuted in 2016 and I won’t ever go back to anything else! Everything is customizable from style to color. so you can add a little personality to your ride.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m all about the #MatchyMatchy life. If you’re looking to add a little sparkle or pop of color to your ride, Equestroom makes that possible. Most full sets include a pad, bonnet, browband, and boots.

If you’re up for a completely custom halter, look no further. I’ve used these halters since 2015 & I can attest to their HIGH quality material & craftsmanship. You’ll find Fiona wearing her custom halter daily over on IG.

Yes, I’m hooking you up another #MatchyMatchy option. Standard Issue Equestrian carries full matching sets which include a pad, bonnet, and boots. As a bonus all saddle pads and full sets comes with a sweet holo bag.


Equestrian Accessories - Ellany

Incorporating tack into fashion is the hottest trend. Subtly beautiful and totally equestrian all at the same time. Ellany snaffle bit and stirrup belts are perfect for that #rootd or my personal favorite, pairing it with a cute outfit to hit up a local brewery. Hey, I’m a Shameless Equestrian for a reason.

I probably have almost a dozen belts from C4 because the possibilities are endless. Some are more traditional colors and some are fun patterns including the Maryland flag, American flag, sunflowers, and yes – wine! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

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