The Shameless Shopping Guide: Tack Edition

It’s no secret our sport is expensive.  Seriously, I’m sure many of you can attest to the fact at least one of the following…

Our riding wardrobe is more expensive than our work wardrobe.  Our horses have their feet trimmed or shod on a regular schedule but going to a nail salon isn’t even on our radar.  Our horses are regularly scheduled for massages, chiro, PEMF, etc and we don’t stop to pamper ourselves.  We’ll get the best tack we can afford to ensure our horse’s utmost comfort but we’re still driving around with a giant crack in our windshield for the 6th month in a row.  <— That’s definitely not me [dripping with sarcasm]. 

Anyone who knows me, knows this is how I shop…
In stores… walks directly to the sale rack, looks at nothing full price.
Online… will scour every last corner of the internet for the best deal possible.  There’s a reason everyone at my barn says “Hey Sam, I’m looking for ___________, can you keep an eye out for me?”  And guess what?  About 85% of the time I find them a deal!

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Nothing will change the fact that our sport is expensive but that doesn’t mean we can’t snag a great deal every now and again.

So without further ado grab some popcorn because this is a long one and here’s a list of some of my go to shops….

Maryland Saddlery

I’m fortunate enough to live fairly close to one of their retail stores and let me tell you it is DANGEROUS.  They have an awesome selection of consignment items and what’s even better are their overstock deals.  These are brand new items AND they’re discounted.  I scored a pair of brand new DeNiro Field Boots on overstock last fall for only $225!!

They also have a great rewards program which earns you points for every dollar you spend and then you can redeem those points to save some money on your next order.  
It’s pretty bad when my internet browser automatically bookmarked the new arrivals page because I check it out on a daily basis.

The Tack Hack

If you don’t know about The Tack Hack, it’s time to come out from that rock you’re living under!  Just kidding…sort of. 
At The Tack Hack you can find some high end tack and apparel on consignment but mostly their inventory consists of brand new items.  The Tack Hack works with independent tack shops, takes on their overstock inventory, and sells it.  The best part?  It’s always marked to less than retail price!  It’s essentially one big sale rack.  Not to mention the owner, Lauren, always sends the sweetest notes and mints along with every order.

The Tried Equestrian

If you’re looking for consignment items, The Tried Equestrian will be right up your alley.  You can also send your own items to be sold on consignment.


Guys I know, eBay is like so 2000s right?  Wrong!!  I’m not saying you’re always going to find what you’re looking for but don’t write it off either.  I got one of my Horseware burgundy show coats on eBay brand new with tags for only $40!  And yes, I’m not even ashamed to admit I own more than one burgundy show coat.  I mean I needed options to match my red burgundy saddle pads and my other purple burgundy saddle pads.  #Shameless 

HSR Apparel

This is your one-stop-shop for anything Tailored Sportsman, new or used.  As far as I know this is strictly an Instagram based shop, so be sure to follow them to stay in loop for what’s available.  I won’t lie, I even have post notifications turned on so I can immediately get notified when new items are posted.  I haven’t purchased anything from her just yet, right now I’m specifically looking for what Boysenberry Tailoreds are out there lightly used or new before jumping in and purchasing at full price.  *GASP* I know, how could I do such a thing?  Well when you’re obsessed with the color, you’ll do some crazy things.

Riding Warehouse

I don’t think Riding Warehouse has enough hype!  They have tack and apparel from every discipline from Endurance to Western to English.  So whether you’re hanging out in the show ring or hitting the trails Riding Warehouse will have what you need.  They have an awesome clearance section and during Black Friday they had some unbelievable deals.  I scored a pair of Shires Arma Brushing boots for only $17 per pair!  P.S. They also host some sweet giveaways on their Instagram.


I just recently discovered Corro and I’m so glad I did!  Corro carries strictly tack and horse essentials with a select few accessories for the rider.  I love that they often run buy one get one 50% deals on anything ranging to treats to fly sprays.  You can even set up recurring shipments similar to Chewy’s autoship and on your first autoship you’ll save 30%.  They also offer free shipping on orders over $49 which is a huge plus.  If there’s anything I hate about online shopping its shipping fees!


Yeah, yeah…I’m sure everyone knows this one.  Smartpak has amazing customer service and some of the BEST store brand items.  I feel pretty confident ordering anything that Smartpak has branded themselves.  Piper Breeches, so comfy and there’s a wide variety of colors.  Some other Smartpak branded lines include…

  • Smartpak (I think this is obvious but included it anyway)
  • Piper 
  • Hadley
  • Alexus 
  • Eliza 
  • Plymouth 
  • Harwich 
  • Wellfleet

I haven’t tried items from all of these lines just yet, but from what I have tried I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing from any of the others.

Smartpak generally runs some noteworthy sales throughout the year and if you’re a Smartperks member (have a recurring Smartpak supplement shipment) you even get additional discounts.  Speaking of additional discounts, they also offer further discounts for any associations you’re a member of, USEF and IHSA being just two examples.

Their clearance section is also something I frequent, it’s not uncommon to find a pair of Piper breeches there for well under $50 and I even got the cutest show shirt with pineapples on the collar for only $12.99!

Dover Saddlery

Again, another obvious one.  Not all their sales are totally worthwhile but they have some worth mentioning.  If you live close to one of their retail locations their tent sales are a MUST.  Usually they have orange ticket items that are buy one get on 50% off.  Dover Basement items seem to be any new items with a slight blemish which does not affect usability or returned items with tags that can’t be sold in new condition.  A few years ago I got a pair of show breeches from the Dover Basement box for only $15, they were brand new with tags but had slight blemish that would be covered by my tall boots.  

Another good sale to look for are their “Spend $X get $X on a Gift Card”.  I usually use these sales to stock up on basic care items like liniment, animalintex poultice, vet wrap, etc.  Stuff that’s always good to have on hand because you’re essentially “getting paid” to stock up on necessities.  Okay, that’s how I justify it and it sounds better.

Ride-Away Equestrian

Don’t get me wrong, I love the United States.  Ask anyone, if I’m not using black and burgundy tack I’m most likely sporting anything patriotic.  But the equestrian market outside of the United States is awesome.  I’m not sure what it is but it seems like Europe has all the “cool stuff”.  They have a wider selection of Back on Track products, more brands, they’re not afraid of colored tack, and the best part?  European brands are cheaper when you purchase outside the US, but that makes sense right?  

Ride-Away is one of my go-to online tack shop that’s located overseas.  They have super quick and reliable shipping despite packages being sent internationally.  

Last summer I purchased Woof Wear brushing boots, a single pair cost me $19 where a single pair in the US costs $40!  After purchasing two pairs and paying express shipping (because I was being impatient) my total was $53.34.  That’s less than the cost of two pairs purchased in the US!

Did you stick with me through all that?  I know, it was a lot!  But hopefully this list will help you find a deal on your next purchase.  

Do you have any go-to shops I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear about them, share their information in the comments!

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