What is Shameless Equestrian?

Shameless Equestrians are in a league of our own.

We live and breathe all things horses.  We happily wake up before the sun and stay up long after it sets only for our horses.  We put our teammate’s needs before our own.  We run errands covered in sweat, dirt, and hay and we wear that sweat, dirt, and hay as a badge of honor.  We may flaunt our equestrian lifestyle not to brag but to share the beauty in what we do.  We are resilient, dedicated, hardworking, and let’s not forget creative when it comes to how far $1 can stretch.  

We know a “quick trip” to the barn is impossible. We’ll give up weekend parties to horse show instead. We let this sport consume our thoughts and dreams. We strive for perfection knowing it doesn’t exist. We trust our teammate to carry us safely and they trust us to be their biggest advocate. We are indebted to our horses for everything they are and everything they teach us.

Shameless Equestrians are shameless when it comes to our love for horses and passion for the sport.

So tell me, are you a Shameless Equestrian? 

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