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The last few months I’ve been on the hunt for new schooling tall boots since my Ariat boots of 8 years have finally kicked the can. Initially I wanted a pair of dress boots for the ease of cleaning (no laces) and to just have something different. In December I found a pair of Tredstep Dress boots on sale and in my size so I scooped them up so excited…only to not love the fit. Unfortunately they weren’t slim enough in the ankles which caused a lot of unflattering wrinkles.

And so the search for tall boots continued. I was primarily looking at Ariat boots for two reasons. One, for their price point. And two, because I’ve owned multiple pairs of Ariat shoes from paddock boots to tall boots to cowboy boots and they always hold up so well.

But then I got to thinking, since I really love the way my DeNiro show boots fit, why not try to find a reasonably priced pair of those? Since the price point on DeNiro’s start off higher than Ariat I thought I’d be looking for a used pair or something on closeout. Little did I know I’d luck out.

After scouring Facebook marketplace and eBay I decided to check out some tack shops. That’s when I stumbled upon Logo

My Riding Boots is an online retailer for all things boots and helmets. They’re based in the Netherlands and carry many high end brands including DeNiro, Samshield, KEP, Kask, OneK and more.

When I first checked their sale section I didn’t find anything in my size at the price point I wanted to be at so I continued searching but periodically checked back in to see if any new sale items popped up. A few weeks later my boot prayers had been answered.

Newly added to their showroom sale were a pair of DeNiro Tricolore boots in the color Cafe, in my size, and for just about 40% off!! Originally $599 these boots were now $378. I felt like that was an incredible deal for brand new DeNiro’s and jumped on it immediately.

DeNiro Tricolore Cafe
DeNiro Tricolore Smooth Leather (Cafe) and Botori Kate Riding Tights (Black/Fig Camo)

While I was compromising on the dress boot style I considered the color a win. I’ve always wanted a pair of brown boots but could never commit to a lighter brown simply because I thought it could clash with some outfits (yes, this is the matchy-matchyness in me coming out). The Cafe color is absolutely stunning. It’s a deep chocolate brown and in some lights they do almost look black but they pretty much match my Voltaire Palm Beach to a T.

DeNiro Tricolore Cafe boots compared to my Voltaire Palm Beach - the color is pretty much spot on!
DeNiro Tricolore Cafe boots compared to my Voltaire Palm Beach – the color is pretty much spot on!

After submitting my order it was placed on hold until the credit card transaction was posted (about 2-3 business days) and once the payment was posted I received a shipping confirmation almost immediately. They shipped from the Netherlands on a Tuesday and they were on my doorstep the same week on Thursday. That’s some crazy fast international shipping!!

I did unbox these boots on my instagram story and filmed it for YouTube as well, so if you’d like to watch that I’ll drop the video here too:

** Please note the pricing of the Mix & Match Deal mentioned in this video has changed and the updated pricing as of March 2022 is below. **

Mix & Match Deals

I do want to touch on something I haven’t seen before that My Riding Boots offers – Mix & Match Deals. Essentially this is a boot + helmet combo priced at a further discounted rate. Let’s look at one example combination that’s on their site.

DeNiro Ottaviano + Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet

When you buy this Mix & Match deal from My Riding Boots it’ll be $942.00 total.

If you were to buy these two items separately it would cost you $1,364.00.

Now let’s break down that savings.

Where else can you find $422 in savings for buying a boot and helmet combo? I think this is awesome!

Would I order again?

Overall I was extremely impressed with the promptness of service and quality of from My Riding Boots. For my future boot needs I will definitely be ordering from them again and especially when it comes time to finally order my dream custom Kask helmet! (I mean did you really expect anything other than black and burgundy?!)

I mean how freaking gorgeous and sleek does this look?! *Heart Eye Emoji*


Not only did I love my experience with, I’m so excited to be able to offer my fellow Shameless Equestrians an additional discount on your boot purchase.

For $25 off your order of $220+ use code SE25MRB!

This is not an affiliate code and I do not receive any compensation for the use of this dicount.

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