I tried The Pony Jet…Is it worth it?

I stumbled upon this contraption called The Pony Jet around the holidays. It’s essentially a garden hose nozzle with a container that holds shampoo between the trigger and the end of the nozzle. The Pony Jet advertised to make bathing “easier, faster, more effective, and save you money on shampoo”. But does it actually?

Just to put this disclaimer out there, all opinions in this post are my own. I do not receive any compensation for links or discount codes mentioned and I received my Pony Jet as a Christmas gift from my parents. 🙂 End disclaimer.

The Pony Jet connected to a hose with Mane-ly Long Hair Shampoo.
Here’s my first time using The Pony Jet. I filled it with my favorite Mane-ly Long Hair shampoo for Fiona’s body and the Mane-ly Long Hair conditioner for her tail.

During the holidays there was a promo running which brought the cost down to $37.99, originally $50. Since I was intrigued and I decided to put it on my Christmas list. I believe they’re currently still priced at $37.99 but you can also use “PONY10” for 10% off your purchase.

Fast forward, we had a rare 60° day two weeks ago and of course, with Fiona looking like a mud ball, I decided to give The Pony Jet it’s first test run. So here’s my first impressions and review of The Pony Jet.

I filmed some real time video on my IG story which I’ll link below if you’d rather watch my first impressions and review.

My Process

I’m not sure there’s “correct” order of steps to take but here’s how I bathed Fiona with The Pony Jet.

  1. Hosed off Fiona’s entire body (and tail) with just water.
  2. Started hosing again with shampoo + water.
    • I personally used the flat setting when spraying with shampoo + water because I felt it was the best combination between water pressure and coverage.
  3. Started scrubbing the soap in by hand before rinsing off but found there wasn’t too much of a difference between when I scrubbed vs. just spraying off with water. (Also, I wasn’t enjoying the water running down my arm and into my shirt 🙃).
    • Again, I used the flat setting for the water pressure and coverage.
  4. Filled the canister halfway with conditioner and started spraying conditioner + water throughout Fiona’s tail. I forgot to show this part in the video above…whoops!
  5. Rinsed Fiona’s tail with water.
  6. Sweat scraped.
  7. Filled a bucket with water, Myst Coat Elixir, and Vetrolin Liniment to be sponged over her body for some pampering. (This part is also left out of the video, someone get me a camera crew LOL).
  8. Sweat scraped again then waited a bit to towel her dry.

What I liked…

  • Different spray options on the nozzle – shower, mist, stream, jet, center, flat, cone, etc
    • The mist setting is perfect for hosing faces although I know some horses love having their face washed so this may not apply to you. Fiona doesn’t mind her cheeks being hosed but when you start getting to the top of her face she prefers the mist setting.
    • The jet setting is convenient to spray off any mud chunks on the top of hooves.
  • The trigger is “click and stay” so you don’t have to constantly hold it down for water / soap to come out. Simply squeeze it until you hear the click and release, the water / soap stream will stay on until you squeeze the trigger again to release.
  • Spraying water + conditioner through the tail was a breeze. Usually I soak Fiona’s tail in water, then have to work conditioner through it, let it sit, then rinse. With The Pony Jet I was able to soak her tail with water then with conditioner in the canister, spray a water + conditioner mix throughout it. I thought this was much easier than working conditioner in by hand and I got the same results.

What I didn’t like…

  • When I first received The Pony Jet in the mail there wasn’t much to it (I did technically get it as a gift but my parents gave it to me in the original packaging). It was just The Pony Jet itself in a poly-mailer, no literature, flyers, instructions, nothing. Given it is pretty self explanatory, The Pony Jet did come with an adapter in the base where it connects to a hose that needs to be taken off for to attach to U.S. hoses. It took me a little while to figure out I didn’t need to buy an adapter.
The Pony Jet with international adapter.  Unscrew adapter for US hoses.
The Pony Jet comes with an adapter installed, for U.S. hoses unscrew this piece to attach to a hose. I had to use pliers to take it off, apparently my hands were too weak to unscrew it without help lol.
  • It uses A LOT of shampoo in my opinion. 2 full canisters for a full bath, so 1 full canister per side. After a brief Instagram DM conversation with The Pony Jet company, they say the shampoo usage has been addressed in The Pony Jet 2.0. That being said, I may have to pick one up to do a comparison review.

So would I buy it again?

In short, yes.

After Fiona’s bath I towel dried her (with white towels) since she still has a winter coat and little to no dirt residue came off on the towel. I mention this because in January we had another rare 60° day so I gave Fiona a bath with an AquaPaw. When I towel dried her after, the white towels I used turned brown. So I don’t believe the AquaPaw helped lift the dirt out of her winter coat as well as The Pony Jet.

Is it everything they claim?

Easier? Yes.
Faster? Yes.
More effective? Yes!
Saves you money on shampoo? No.

Is it worth it?

Even though The Pony Jet uses a lot of shampoo, for me it’s not a deal breaker. Given the results I had and how QUICK it was for me to bathe Fiona I personally think the benefits outweigh the shampoo usage.

If you’ve tried The Pony Jet or are planning to give it a try I’d love to hear your thoughts and how it worked for you!

And don’t forget, if you use code “PONY10” you’ll save 10% on your order! Happy bathing!

2 thoughts on “I tried The Pony Jet…Is it worth it?

  1. Great review! I’ll have to look more into how the 2.0 saves shampoo. Do you feel like you used less water with how quickly you were able to bathe?

    1. Thanks, I hope it was helpful!
      I think water consumption depends on what your traditional bath routine looks like.
      If you use a bucket of soapy water you would probably end up using more water water with The Pony Jet since your spraying the entire time rather than just to soak and rinse off.
      I used an Aqua Paw for the last 2 years or so and in comparison to that I think it uses roughly the same amount of water.

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